Working at Zipline

We are an employer of choice with strong values, support, employee satisfaction and growth. We work on solving real challenges and making a difference.

A collage of the Zipline team

Our mission is to simplify complex frontline compliance, resulting in enhanced patient, resident, staff and visitor experiences and optimised outcomes.

Our Values

Zipline’s Core Values shape how we operate as individuals and as an organisation.

Customer Centric

We think in (customer) outcomes for all our work, not (how much) output we do

We talk daily about how are we ‘creating value’' vs our users JTBD / PAINS / GAINS

We all deeply care about our customers and look for ways to delight them


Pumped about hitting BIG goals as part of a high performing team

Aren't content unless we've made a large impact

Highly driven to accelerate our own personal growth & careers

Growth Mindset

We are committed to self-reflection and self improvement

We personally take on ‘radical ownership’ e.g “What could I have done differently or better?

No mind-reading required

We speak up and share what’s on our mind (verbal &/or written).

We believe in and practice ‘radical candour’ and create psychology safe spaces

There’s no politics, no games here. People know what’s going on and where they stand

Awesome to work with

We priortise creating meaningful realtionships at work

We have a ‘can do’ attitude... constantly heading; “how can i help”

We are pragmatic and humble - hence no arseholes here.... oh and are fun to work with!

KISS: Keep it simple silly

Goal: everything we create, can pass the “Don’t make me think” test

We obsess about making things super easy

No jargon, simple english

Why join Zipline?

We empower people to decide how to hit their results & make an impact

Genuinely awesome team & culture. We promise no games, no politics

We’re a ‘fast 100’ company, growing quickly - so there are loads of opportunities!

We are a modern “remote first” company - so we seamlessly mix WFH and offices as we have people across Australia, Singapore, Bali and the Philippines.

Great perks; new Macbook, generous health+wellness budget to use how you wish, paid for performance coaching, kindle/audible with 300+books pre-loaded etc.

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