employee compliance

A strong workforce for better care

Hire faster, onboard quicker and retain your best people. 

Without the complexity of compliance.

Employee compliance product screens
Self service checkin screen with booking

Simplify compliance to provide better care

Managing compliance throughout an employee's time with you is more complex than you realise.

From collecting and validating a candidate's pre-employment compliance documentation, to off-boarding correctly, plus what they need to start their shifts.

It's time consuming, stressful and often leaves facilities open to risks.

Zipline manages this end-to-end process for you.

Hire faster

Zipline Quickstart

Hire faster and start staff sooner by automating compliance checks, speeding up recruitment by 30%

Automatic compliance checks

Collect and validate all compliance checks for any role, such as credentials, right to work, working with children checks, police clearance, vaccination & immunisation

Hiring pipeline visibility

See the compliance status and overall progress of all candidates in a single place

Reminders & Alerts

Notify hiring managers, HR and candidates at each step of the journey to reduce back & forths and delays

Enhanced candidate experience

Reduce candidate drop out with easy to use links & uploads

Candidate's compliance documentation automatically pulled through onto central hubAutomatic evidence verification with AI screenCentralised reporting dashboardCustomised messages by role type

Fill open positions faster

Automate ongoing employee compliance and reporting for total confidence for the lifecycle of your employees.

Candidate's compliance documentation automatically pulled through onto central hub

Fast document retrieval from government sources

Get documents automatically retrieved and filled in from government databases. Your HR team won't need to chase.

Automatic evidence verification with AI screen

Automatic document verification

With our AI tech, documents are automatically verified to make sure they're ready to go.

Centralised reporting dashboard

Centralised Candidate Hub

You'll have a single dashboard where all your candidates, their progress and compliance information is in one place.

Customised messages by role type

Automatic reminders

Candidates alerted if there are missing or incorrect compliance documents.

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Onboard sooner


Reduce candidate drop out with smooth candidate experiences and simplified journeys

Capture critical info without errors

Collect Payroll, TFN, super details without errors

Induction & training

Share key start dates, induction info and training

Candidate feedback

Capture candidate sentiment & experience throughout the journey

Centralised reporting dashboardEvidence expiry reminder message on a mobile phone

Manage ongoing compliance

Doing pre-employment checks can take months and is a huge headache for your HR teams. Get it done in days with Quickstart.

Centralised reporting dashboard

Centralised compliance reporting

Track to your KPI's with an easily customised report plus quickly export data for audits.

Evidence expiry reminder message on a mobile phone

Evidence expiry management

Be alerted if any evidence is about to expire so all your teams remain compliant.

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Retain better

Zipline employee management

Keep your best people by listening, monitoring trends & risks

Employee renewal & expiry management

Automatic alerts to employees and managers for upcoming expiries and renewals

Engagement checks and Churn risk

Send regular sentiment checks to employees to monitor trends and identify churn risks

Insights dashboard

Capture all insights in a single place to easily identify negative trends requiring action

High temperature alert message on a Zipline kioskStaff check in screen with temperature taking

Start shifts in seconds

Have employees start their shift in seconds with an integrated Time and Attendance system.

High temperature alert message on a Zipline kiosk

Temperature screening

Get accurate temperature readings as people arrive at your facility to prevent fevers.

Staff check in screen with temperature taking

Digitised time & attendance

Clock into shifts accurately and quickly

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Solving frontline compliance from every angle.

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Your frontline compliance partner.

Zipline makes sure everyone at your facility is compliant to be there and takes the burden away from your workforce.

From visitors, employees, contractors and adhering to industry standards and reporting.

We have you covered.

$175k per year, per facility
saved on extra staff costs
88% reduction
in staff time on admin
18% improved NPS
By tracking and improving on patient experience
30% reduction in time to fill open positions
With automating pre-employment compliance

Frontline compliance is better with Zipline

“We have been able to increase our contractor compliance from 15% to over 90%”

James Dune

CEO, Private hospital – 3 sites
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"This system has made it so much easier. It sort of puts us at a step above my competitors out there who are still doing the old way and their people can be a little frustrated with them."

William Shields

CEO, Shields Nursing Centres
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"By implementing Zipline, we had complete contact tracing of all our visitors, contractors, volunteers and staff all in the click of a button. Staff that are more technologically challenged also found Zipline easy to use. Zipline has given us the ability to be agile and adapt to the changing regulations."

Kerryn Sakkers

Corporate Applications Support Specialist, Amana Living
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Thousands of facilities are compliant with Zipline

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