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Be compliant without the cost, time and admin. Zipline removes the stress to give you time back to your patients and residents.

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Visitor Compliance

Having visitors at your facility is more complicated than it looks. From making sure they have the right vaccinations, completing any tests and providing needed evidence.

Zipline's Visitor Management makes it easy to ensure everyone at your facility is compliant and safe.

Employee Compliance

Managing compliance throughout an employee's time with you is a headache. From getting pre-employment checks done, to starting shifts correctly to off-boarding.

Zipline's Quickstart manages this end-to-end process for you so your entire workforce is compliant.

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Contractor Compliance

Keeping contractors compliant is tricky. Each contractor type has different requirements and they all need to be properly inducted and registered. It's even more complicated during home care visits.

Zipline's Contractor and Home Care compliance simplifies this for you, on site and in the home.

SNF Reporting

NHSN reporting should not be this hard. Staff are burdened with reporting, taking precious time away from your patients. Not to mention the risks and cost of non-compliance.

Zipline's NHSN reporting automates this process to give you compliance confidence.

One-time data report

Solving frontline compliance from every angle.

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Your frontline compliance partner.

Zipline makes sure everyone at your facility is compliant to be there and take the burden away from your workforce.

From visitors, staff, contractors and patients and adhering to industry standards.

We have you covered.

Better compliance is better for you.

$160k per year, per facility
saved on extra staff costs
88% reduction
in staff time on admin
18% improved NPS
By tracking and improving on patient experience
30% reduction in time to fill open positions
With automating pre-employment compliance

Frontline compliance is better with Zipline

“We have been able to increase our contractor compliance from 15% to over 90%”

James Dune

CEO, Private hospital – 3 sites
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"This system has made it so much easier. It sort of puts us at a step above my competitors out there who are still doing the old way and their people can be a little frustrated with them."

William Shields

CEO, Shields Nursing Centres
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"By implementing Zipline, we had complete contact tracing of all our visitors, contractors, volunteers and staff all in the click of a button. Staff that are more technologically challenged also found Zipline easy to use. Zipline has given us the ability to be agile and adapt to the changing regulations."

Kerryn Sakkers

Corporate Applications Support Specialist, Amana Living
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Thousands of facilities are compliant with Zipline

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