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October 3, 2022
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Making The Living Easier At Brightwater Care Group

In times demanding immense adaptability, Brightwater Care Group quickly implemented Zipline across 21 sites in 2 weeks.

The Challenge

Prior to Zipline, Brightwater Care Group faced several challenges:

  • How to ensure a smooth visitor registration process, automatically updated with data collection requirements
  • How to ensure contract tracing for the health and safety of residents and staff
  • How to protect the interests of residents whilst remaining compliant with strict safety standards
  • Managing changing guidelines and regulations to ensure compliance

Reduction in staff time spent on check-ins

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The Solution

The End-to-End Zipline Solution for Brightwater Care Group

  • Staff-less entry management & health checks
  • Real-time facility & people monitoring
  • Powerful reporting including customer experience tracker
  • 100% compliance with automatic process updates in line with changing regulations

Products Integrated

Zipline Standards

ROI Delivered

OPEX savings
Visitor satisfaction score with Zipline
<30 seconds
Visitor check-in time as an average across 21 facilities

"Implementing Zipline not only improved the experience for our clients and staff but also provided an extra level of assurance in ensuring visitors read and respond to their obligations before coming on-site."

Jennifer Lawrence

CEO, Brightwater
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