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Meeting the needs of Aged Care; today and into the future with Zipline and Amana Living

Nurse caring for an elderly woman
Cheryl Lee
July 15, 2022
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Nurse caring for an elderly woman

The Aged Care industry faces a host of challenges, from immediate needs of their staff and residents to ensuring they’re future-proofing their facility for tomorrow.

This was the topic of Inside Ageing’s webinar, where past winners of the Future of Ageing Awards shared how they worked with Aged Care providers to meet these challenges.

Zipline was proud to present how we worked with Amana Living to navigate and solve these challenges.

Read on for our top 3 takeaways of the webinar.

Digitising removes staff burden

Given the complex regulations the Aged Care industry must adhere to, a big struggle is dealing with the burden of paper work and admin associated with this.

Paper registers invite many challenges.

Staff at Amana Living spent hours manually deciding

  • Where and how to store these paperwork
  • How long to store them
  • Who could access them
  • How they should be archived
  • Who was going to maintain them

With Zipline, Amana Living was able to digitise processes like staff and visitor check-ins and vaccination records. As such, these digital records became more easily accessible. This also removed the manual work associated with this admin, freeing up staff time.

Automated compliance for peace of mind

Another challenge Amana Living faced was adapting to government regulations imposed on the Aged Care industry. Policies regarding visitor entry, Covid-19 outbreaks and exposure, Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) requirements and contact tracing were constantly changing. As such, staff spent hours keeping up and manually updating.

With Zipline’s compliance management system, the program adapts and evolves automatically to the changing compliance obligations and Amana Living no longer had to worry about breaching regulations, for staff or visitors.

Thanks to technology, the entire process was seamless for both the administrative staff and visitors. In fact, visitors were more than willing to be compliant in order to keep their loved ones safe and healthy.

Knowing how to manage positive cases is now Amana Living’s responsibility.

Make health and safety easy

With positive cases on the rise, the government was no longer in direct control of their facility’s contact tracing. Determining the best way to limit exposure and transmission was up to Amana Living’s own implementations and protocol.

With Zipline’s technology in place, the all-in-one easily accessible temperature checking and contact tracing system could better ensure that everyone entering the facility was healthy and well. Staff can now go to work daily with a peace of mind without worrying about being exposed to the virus.

Amana Living could respond quickly because they were alerted immediately to positive cases, another feature worth mentioning. This included all who entered the facility like contractors, residents, or staff.

Should there be any staff exposure, it was possible to prevent outbreaks from occurring as long as the staff were responsible. From disinfecting and isolation to conducting RATs on residents, it only further reinforced a safe environment for everyone to be in.

Despite adopting this new technology, it proved to be very straightforward. Staff who were not as tech-savvy claimed that it was “easier than they had thought”.

In summary

Amana Living is continuing to work with Zipline and has not only digitised various processes at their aged care facilities, but at their offices as well. Navigating through the above challenges is a journey that does not end here. Amana Living will continue the discovery of improving many processes of the business.

Adapting and preparing for the post-COVID world can be made easier with Zipline. Start by speaking to one of our experts!

Watch this Inside Ageing: Future of Ageing Awards webinar on how Amana Living dealt with the progressive change of implementing the Zipline App for Residential Aged Care.

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