Why You Need Sign-In Software for Health Services

2 staff at reception on the phone
Vicky Hong
July 15, 2022
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2 staff at reception on the phone

In recent days, we have all gotten familiar with lockdown restrictions regulating our visits to healthcare facilities and services. While visitor management has always been a crucial safety consideration in keeping patients and staff safe, COVID-19 has further enhanced the need for more advanced and specialised technology.

Sign-in software is an aspect of visitor management, where it is a combination of access control systems to manage and authenticate staff, visitors, contractors, and patients. Such sign-in softwares are popular right now; not only do they enable a contactless sign-in process by replacing paper logbooks, but also offer the opportunity to monitor the health status of everyone who enters your premises.

With more than 1300 hospitals across Australia and more than 450,000 healthcare staff members, it is even more important to ensure all foot traffic in and out of these facilities are recorded.

Find out how sign-in software for health services lets you go the extra mile with patient care.

A secure workplace for employees in medical facilities

This might seem so simple, but it is extremely important. Medical facilities always have multiple entry points; all of which should be guarded to ensure everyone entering the premises is properly accounted for. However, it is difficult to enforce full compliance and security with a human guard.

By utilising a sign-in software, all of these entry points can be conveniently monitored. A sign-in software for health services can also be a deterrent to people considering acts of violence within your health facility. This also minimises the risk of such an event happening in your reception area.

Sign-in software for health services allows visitors to enter their details into its database where it will automatically screen them and either allow or deny them into your premises. Sign-in software also typically prints a visitor badge which indicates they have entered the premises following your medical facilities’ protocol.

Anyone lingering in your medical facility without a visitor badge can thus be easily identified and reported to security. This allows any nefarious character to be detected by security personnel before having a chance to bring harm to anyone within your establishment.

software for health services
Sign-in software can guarantee the safety and security of your facility by helping your staff identify any trespassers.

To identify anyone entering the facility

One of the key reasons why a sign-in software for health services is a necessity is due to government regulations and health concerns. Health services are establishments for the purpose of treating and diagnosing illnesses, or the care of sick people. Due to the nature of such institutions, it is paramount all visitors are identified and given health and security clearance.

Installing a reception sign-in software to all entry points warrants that each person entering is properly identified. In the event of an emergency, facilities can use this software to instantly report who was onsite at the time. This is especially useful in the event of a pandemic, such as COVID-19 as it can help assist with contact tracing.

A good sign-in software incorporates safety and security features to ensure all visitors are aware of emergency procedures. Digital systems let healthcare facilities capture and record important information about visitors and contractors while storing it in real-time in a secure database.

With sign-in software for health services, you will be able to have peace of mind about the safety of your facility.

Removes demand for a 24/7 front-desk officer

Having to juggle patients, never-ending phone calls, record-keeping, and administrative work is normal for receptionists at a medical facility. All of these take up time and effort, and your facility definitely needs to employ at least two round-the-clock receptionists to keep abreast of all these tasks.

This is where a sign-in software for health services comes in. Adding a simple sign-in software to your front desk provides additional help for your receptionist. This frees them from repetitive tasks so they can properly attend to those entering the premises. This not only reduces the workload on your receptionist but helps facilitate future relations with visitors.

With a sign-in software, the application does all the work for the receptionist. When visitors sign in, they will be able to enter their details digitally, without any need for manual entry. On the sign-in software, the visitors will also be directed at the end of the process for their next action. Usually, they will be directed to take a seat and your doctor, nurse, or practitioner will be with them shortly, but it also could include directions that lead them to a certain ward.

Sign-in software for health services is absolutely integral to keep your facility running smoothly, by ensuring your staff is well-equipped with the necessary assistance to do their job well.

Boosts visitor and staff satisfaction

Long, snaking queues at the entrance of health services are without a doubt a nightmare for all visitors. These queues are caused by the inefficient visitor management and sign-in processes employed, which will decrease visitor satisfaction and happiness. Furthermore, the staff dealing with this issue regularly will also be stressed and might have low morale.

A sign-in software for health services will be what solves this problem. Empower your staff to welcome visitors warmly, efficiently, and in a timely manner. The sign-in software will help to automate and speed up the entry process of visitors; and your facility will not have to deal with long queues of unhappy visitors any longer.

A sign software for health services will also make your facility come across as welcoming and professional. This can help put visitors at ease knowing they, their relatives, or friends are well taken care of. In this process, you will also be guaranteeing the security of your establishment and employees.

software for health services
Boost your visitor and staff satisfaction by taking the stress off your receptionist, and removing long, snaking queens from your visitation process.

In a nutshell

Health services faced many challenges in 2020. Installing a sign-in software for health services guarantees a pleasant and hygienic visitor experience. Even as the Australian Government seeks to contain COVID-19, we too must play our part and remain vigilant.

Managing foot traffic will continue to be a priority in the future as a way to keep all stakeholders safe. Investing in sign-in software for health facilities will help you protect the safety and health of staff and patients.

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