System for Hospitals: Why You Need it Now

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AJ Joshi
July 15, 2022
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With the recent surge in COVID-19 cases and lockdown restrictions, technology for hospitals has become increasingly important in streamlining patient care and service delivery. Sign-in system for hospitals is at the forefront of this technological development and growth.

Sign-in software is part of visitor management, where its function is to regulate foot traffic in and out of an establishment and manage the data and authorisation behind the scenes. Such sign-in software is extremely important right now as it allows organisations to manage the visitors which access their facilities. They not only allow a seamless signing-in process but also allows you to monitor their health status.

These are critical during this time where we learn to live with COVID-19 and carry on with our lives. Read on to find out why a sign-in software system for hospitals will allow you to provide exceptional patient care for your valued visitors.

In-depth reports

A sign-in system is an aspect of visitor management, and one of the greatest benefits is it stores all information in a database. This function allows the hospital to search, analyse and even fetch any visitor’s data at any time easily.

Staff members will be able to generate in-depth reports of visitor trends. These reports will be able to help your hospital determine the number of times a visitor has entered or exited, and which patient they came to see.

Such information is very important for security investigations. In the case of a hospital break-in or altercation, such data will be able to assist your hospital in identifying and apprehending the offender.

In other cases such as a health outbreak, having the information of all visitors on hand is extremely crucial. A sign-in system for hospitals will be able to help authorities identify everyone in contact with the infection. This can help stem the spread of diseases and illnesses.

Not to mention, a sign-in system for hospitals will help you manage and judge the healthcare and service demand day by day, allowing you to effectively nurse roster.

A sign-in system for hospitals is thus important to the continued success of your establishment.

system for hospitals
With a sign-in system, you will be able to generate reports that help identify visitor trends.

Save on running costs and resources

Every hospital requires a centralised and direct method of managing access controls, identities and overall security. These are vital to any hospital and should be given the highest priority. This can be easily done through a sign-in system for hospitals as it integrates them all.

With such a system in place, it can help ensure the staff, patients and visitors are granted proper access controls to allow them to enter the right location for a period of time. This will increase overall security and help manage access to certain locations without the need for a security guard.

You can achieve this by investing in a sign-in system for hospitals integrated with a badge printing function. Whenever your visitor or staff sign-ins and enters their information, a badge with a unique barcode or QR code could be printed out; and the staff or visitors can then use this to access restricted zones.

A sign-in system for hospitals will also allow you to enter restrictions or specific instructions into the software, and then assist you in enforcing these restrictions. This investment can save your hospital money in the long run while also effectively providing customer-centric care.

Increase efficiency and accountability

A sign-in system for hospitals eliminates the tedious process of manual filing, which increases efficiency for the workers and hospitals at large.

An integrated visitor sign-in system will be able to manage CCTV cameras, screening software, scanners, and entry and exit points. These can help your hospital staff be accountable for the workload they are managing. Additionally, the sign-in system for hospitals can help shorten processing times for cases such as visitor registration. This can help ease the workload off your receptionist and they can direct their attention to other areas.

With this increased efficiency, reception staff can use the software to their advantage and get notification of their arrival as well. Your staff will be able to identify everyone inside the establishment using this system anytime. This will make it easier to deal with and study visitor patterns.

A sign-in system for hospitals can help you effectively manage your visitors and increase productivity.

Serving, but at a distance

An advanced sign-in system for hospitals integrates an appointment booking system and a queue management system

An appointment booking system is the simplest way to ensure your patients do not need to queue. With appointment booking, patients can schedule their appointments in the comfort of their own homes. They can choose to schedule appointments at a time that is convenient for them as well, drastically reducing the volume of appointment no-shows as well.

This function can considerably reduce waiting time and prevent crowding in your waiting room. This will even reduce or completely eliminate walk-ins and unexpected crowds. This is extremely relevant in today’s context as well due to the evolving nature and needs of healthcare.

A queue management system includes the function of a virtual queue. Your patients will not be confined to any waiting spot, where they might have to mingle with others. Your patients will either obtain a virtual queue number through using a scanner on their mobile phones, and will be informed when it is their turn to be treated. As their place in the queue is secured, there is no need for a physical waiting line.

A sign-in system for hospitals incorporates these different functions into a single software. These functions will allow your hospital to serve your patients but at a distance. There will no longer be any need for physical queues and unnecessary contact with other patients, leading to a safer and more streamlined healthcare experience.

Sign-in system also integrates other aspects of visitor management that can help you better serve your patients at a distance.
Sign-in system also integrates other aspects of visitor management that can help you better serve your patients at a distance.

In a nutshell

It is critical to invest in technology in this new age for your hospital. A secure and safe environment is one of the most important characteristics of any trustworthy hospital. Only with a safe environment, will patients and visitors be willing to put their care into your hands.

A sign-in system for hospitals will serve to improve the quality of care and service standard of your organisation.

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