What Should I Consider When Choosing Temperature Screening Devices?

A man taking a covid test
Anthea Leong
July 15, 2022
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A man taking a covid test

In-ear thermometers, handheld temperature guns, tablet temperature scanners – you have definitely used or seen these temperature screening devices in use before. The current pandemic has created a global demand for temperature screening devices to screen people for one of the main symptoms of COVID, fever.

Now that the COVID situation is getting better in Australia (thankfully!), employees are gradually allowed to return to the office, albeit with extra precautions. Organisations and companies now need to ensure that returning employees are not put at risk. To do so, they need to have basic screening protocols before employees enter the building.

One such protocol is the mandatory temperature screening exercise. Many businesses and organisations have considered or already have some form of temperature screening device installed in their facility or office to protect their employees and visitors.

With a myriad of temperature screening devices out there in the market, how should you pick one? What should you consider before deciding on a temperature screening device for your organisation?

While selecting temperature screening devices is a relatively straightforward and seemingly brainless matter; there are more considerations to think of when making a decision.

Don’t worry! It seems like a daunting task, but let me take you through the different factors you can consider before deciding.


The purpose of a temperature screening device is to accurately measure employees and visitors’ body temperature so that you can be alerted when there is a potential risk entering your facility. The last thing you want is an inaccurate temperature screening device.

You should look out for a temperature screening device capable of measuring body temperature with high precision and high speed. Clogging up the entry with people waiting in line to get their temperature checked is not going to help keep everyone safe.

With so many temperature screening devices out there, the accuracy of these devices tends to vary from ±0.1 °C to ±0.5 °C. Some even go up to ±2 °C! The larger the margin of error, the further you should move away from those devices. Since screening body temperature is extremely important for public health and safety, especially with COVID-19, it is imperative that you choose a temperature screening device that has the smallest margin of error as possible.

Before putting down orders for any temperature screening device, ask about their margin of error and request for any proof documentation. I would recommend you to opt for those with a marginal measurement error of ±0.2 °C.

Ease of Use

Temperature screening devices not only include the easy-to-use handheld infrared thermometer. Temperature screening devices can also come in the form of a kiosk, making it more difficult for some to operate.

When choosing a temperature screening device, make sure that it is easy to set up, install and use. Sometimes, new technology can be difficult or intimidating to figure out. The last thing you want is an overly complicated temperature screening device where your staff need to spend more time than needed trying to operate it.

Easy-to-use and straightforward temperature screening devices like the one by Zipline should be the ones you consider. Not only are they easy to use; but they also help to automate the entire screening process, allowing staff to focus on other more important tasks.


Don’t break the bank! When looking for a temperature screening device, you should try to opt for one that is affordable. Always look for something that is cost-effective.

While many of us are always guilty of equating price to quality, it is not always the case. There are temperature screening devices out there that are affordable and provide enough features for your organisation’s needs.

temperature screening devices
Different temperature screening devices are suitable for different types of traffic.


It is also essential to consider the amount of traffic going in and out of your facility daily. There are two main ways to approach temperature screening: crowd-based or individual. Naturally, crowd-based temperature screening would require high traffic density temperature screening devices, while individual-based screening would require low traffic density temperature screening devices.

High traffic density temperature screening devices

These temperature screening devices are meant for places where there is a massive influx of people daily. These devices can screen up to five people at a time through an automated process. Depending on the devices, some will be able to show thermal images along with the temperature of every individual without having to screen them one by one.

This usually works when people just walk pass a camera type of device. Places such as the airports and sporting venues would require such a temperature screening device.

Low traffic density temperature screening devices

On the other hand, these temperature screening devices are meant for places where people must pre-book their visits before dropping by. Such devices are only able to screen one person at a time. Usually, these devices will sound off an alarm when someone is detected to have a fever.

People will need to walk up to these devices in order to have their temperatures screened. Places with vulnerable groups such as aged care facilities are also recommended to opt for such a temperature screening device.


Finally, a small but crucial consideration when choosing a temperature screening device is how it is mounted. While protecting your visitors and employees is your top priority; visitors’ impression when they first step into your facility is also important.

Not only for branding purposes, but some temperature screening devices are also placed too high such that children or people on wheelchairs have difficulty using them. Therefore, an adjustable stand for your temperature screening device would be recommended, or a low wall-mount works well too.

In summary

The unprecedented and crazy circumstances that we are all currently facing is a health emergency and one that was unexpected. The lack of time to adjust and plan for this has resulted in many of us scrambling to keep our businesses safe and surviving.

Hence, investing in an easy-to-use, affordable and accurate temperature screening device is the best way to ensure that your facility or organisation is workplace and visitor-safe.

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