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Christian Homes Tasmania
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October 31, 2022
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Fuss-Free Check-in and Compliance at Christian Homes Tasmania With Zipline

The Challenge

Prior to Zipline, Christian Homes Tasmania was faced with solving for the following challenges:

  • Administrative staff burdened with carrying out the manual, ever changing check in process on top of their usual jobs Bottlenecks and long wait times at reception
  • Bottlenecks and long wait times at reception
  • Huge amount of time taken by the management team to create new weekly processes in line with changing regulations
  • A nervousness in ensuring compliance due to pen and paper system

Number of facilities serviced

Christian Homes Tasmania solution

The Solution

The End-to-End Zipline Solution for Christian Homes Tasmania

  • Staff-less entry management & health checks
  • Real-time facility & people monitoring
  • Powerful reporting including customer experience tracker
  • 100% compliance with automatic process updates in line with changing regulations

ROI Delivered

reduction in staff time spent on check-ins
<40 seconds
visitor check-in time as average across 2 facilities
check-ins with Zipline so far

"I would have no trouble whatsoever in recommending Zipline. The product does everything that we want it to do. There is also a continued working relationship on both sides, which is something that I really value."

Janine Fyfe

Executive Manager, Christian Homes Tasmania
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