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Helping St Vincent’s Care Services successfully navigate compliance challenges
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October 31, 2022
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Helping St Vincent’s Care Services Successfully Navigate Compliance Challenges

Even with so many challenges at hand, St Vincent’s Care Services (SVCS) managed to navigate them and came out stronger. With an efficient visitor management system in place, SVCS has managed to maintain smooth operations and made residential aged care experience pleasant for residents and visitors.

The Challenge

Prior to Zipline, St Vincent's Care Services had the challenge of balancing:

  • Constantly changing regulations
  • Visitor temperature screenings, check-ins and evidence capturing
  • Communications to visitors, residents, employees and contractors
  • Reporting and compliance
  • A dramatically increased workload
  • Keeping residents, employees, visitors and contractors happy and safe

Number of facilities serviced

The End-to-End Zipline Solution for St Vincent's Care Services

The Solution

The End-to-End Zipline Solution for St Vincent's Care Services

  • Staff-less entry management & health checks
  • Real-time facility & people monitoring
  • Powerful reporting including customer experience tracker
  • 100% compliance with automatic process updates in line with changing regulations
  • Integrating Azure AD with Zipline ensured an easier setup process and a consistent, single log in experience

ROI Delivered

Opex savings
visitor satisfaction with bookings made through Zipline
< 30 seconds
visitor check-in time as an average across 20 facilities

"Aside from automatic compliance, one of the things we love is the powerful reporting. We can see clear trends in visitations. This allows us to provide extra care and support for those who will benefit the most."

Jane Doe

Prue Densley

Executive General Manager, St Vincents Care Service
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