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October 31, 2022
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Keeping a 5-Star Rating for Shield’s Nursing Centres With Zipline

The Challenge

  • Managing the changing visitor requirements & visitor policies in line with rapidly changing regulations
  • Stretched staff managing new regulations and entry limitations which can result in lowered direct care time
  • Clusters of visitors showing up without pre-bookings

Number of staff hours saved

Shields Nursing Centres

The Solution

  • Staff-less entry management and pre-booking 
  • Real-time facility and people monitoring
  • Powerful reporting including customer experience tracker 
  • 100% compliance with automatic process updates in line with changing regulations

ROI Delivered

reduction in non-reporting penalties
in obsolete systems eliminated
>300 calls
diverted from social services team to Zipline booking system

"This system has made it so much easier. It sort of puts us at a step above my competitors out there who are still doing the old way and their people can be a little frustrated with them."

William Shields

CEO, Shields Nursing Centres
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