Skilled nursing facilities

Unburden your staff.

Leave the compliance to us.

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We know managing compliance is stressful

From staying on top of regulations
To updating paperwork, storing records and completing reporting. It’s all very time consuming.
Plus, it’s expensive with extra staff, process and systems

We believe there is a better way

Reduce staff stress and get time back to care.

Your stretched staff spend hours a day on reporting and compliance. From collecting, completing and uploading compliance data to maintaining old and clunky systems.

Let us do the lifting so your staff get time back for patients.

Better compliance is better for you.

$200k saved per year
on removing old systems
92% reduction
In staff time spent on check-ins
10hrs+ saved per week, per report
By automating NHSN and CDP reporting
100% reduction in non-reporting penalties
Through simplified and automated reporting

Compliant SNFs and efficient staff.

All your people compliant on site

Ensure all your visitors are compliant with self-serve check-ins, automatic evidence collection, verification and powerful reporting.

Self-serve visitor check-ins and identification

Automated evidence collection, verification and storage

Powerful reporting and one-click export

Staff free check ins
NHSN submission message

Spend minutes on NHSN reporting

Save hours of staff time and increase compliance with automated NHSN reporting

Automatically sync and capture NHSN reporting for staff, patients, visitors and contractors

One-click export & upload to NHSN

Single view dashboard for all submission status

Start shifts quickly and meet minimum care minutes

Start shifts quicker, retain your staff and identify any attrition risk

Easy shift check-ins and health declarations   

Employee retention tracking & insights   

Single view reporting and dashboard

Employee check in with sentiment capture

Integrated with your systems

We know you don't want another system. That's why we integrate with what you already have.

In partnership with

We're committed to supporting the SNF industry, which is why we partner with key industry bodies.

Improve your SNFs compliance today.

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